Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What No Basketball

Indiana U's GEO (Graduate Employees Organization) has a blog (spotted at CGEU: the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions). It's very seldom updated, though, so I haven't listed it on the b'roll (at right). I was at IU for mumbledy-mumble years.

Here's some more on the Cali loyalty-oath story, yesterday at Academic Cog. Turns out this wasn't the first time this season (HT: this post in The Rebel Letter).

This 2005 piece can also be read here if for some reason you like clicking through lots of ads.

"Contingent teaching, corporate universities, and the academic labor movement"; Joseph Entin; Radical Teacher; Summer 2005.


the rebel lettriste said...

whoa! Thanks for the linkage, and for stopping by!

vlorbik said...

my first comment! (thank *you*!)

Anonymous said...

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