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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chop Wood Carry Water

So there was this guy on the bus today collecting signatures and he passed the clipboard over the aisle to the woman in front of me and she filled some of it in and signed off on it evidently and passed it back because from what he said he was filling in some stuff she'd overlooked when another fella came up and asked him about working collecting signatures. And they start talking about that and I remark to the petition-signer "The Democrats are mobilized!" because guys getting directions to the hiring hall for political work on the Midstate Transit is pretty doggone inspiring. And she asks am I a Democrat and I say "No, I'm an anarchist... they keep locking everybody up and if that's good government, give me the other thing". And she appears to understand me completely because this ain't the Ivory Tower here or even the Workfarce Center... Midstate Transit, this route, is pretty much street level though much to their credit the drivers maintain some order. And they're building an enormous new jail smack downtown and all. And the guy wrapped up with the other guy and, I imagine because I was conversing with his last contact, asks am I registered and I say no I'm pretty sure I'll've been purged by now; it's a long time since I voted. And there's really nothing more to report after that. I'm not headed for the hiring hall. Yet. I've got a job. For now. Still quite a pleasant encounter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

See You In The Streets

Here's the amazing Thomas Geoghegan, in an NPR interview (at Democracy Now!) about "Infinite Debt" (a piece in the recent Harper's).

A-and "Reading, Writing, and Union-Building", by Steve Early in MR.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Practically Mainstream

"Higher Education Takes A Hit" (as the truth becomes more widespread) in The Nation. I had to let my subscription lapse because about a quarter of the issues never came. Used to be a great magazine though.