Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

"Professional Development for Adjuncts", yesterday in IHE. Hey, maybe after actually teaching classes for twenty fucking years I know more about it than some buzzword-slinging rainmaker. But gee, on the other hand, look how well this strategy has worked in the public schools!

Here's a rant by me from shortly after I was derailed from TT (1997?). Nobody seems ever to've read it but me. Shrink the window to the size of a column if you want to be the first. The e-mail there is way out of date (so comment here or find the real one in Vlorblog if you want to get in touch).


Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird? On the one hand, I'd be delighted if the university would pay for us *all* to go to certain workshops (in my department's case, ACTFL) without being leaders or presenters in them, so we could find out what's going on in these fields we teach in but don't really publish in and aren't necessarily current in (i.e. rhetoric/composition, L2 acquisition, etc.).

However, what do they want to do: hire an "articulation expert" to find out whether our idea that course B would go better if it picked up where course A left off is valid. !!!

[Details modified for purposes of anonymization, but you get the idea.]

Anonymous said...

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