Thursday, May 28, 2009

nothing in his life became him

people that care about me don't like it
when i call myself a failure and so maybe
i oughta knock it off... but by golly,
there's sure good *evidence* for it
if you like that kind of thing.

i've referred to teaching
freelance as an "adjunct"
(after four years on the tenure-track)
as being "sent down to the minors"
and that's how it felt for a long time.
i still got to play the game.

and i even had a pretty good run:
thousands of students have learned
quite a bit of math with my help.
meanwhile, i got to talk to lots
of other teachers about the art.

i haven't even *learned* anything
that counts as "being a pro" to me;
not anymore. i've gotten to be
a great math tutor as i see it
but am scared to even think about trying
to find paying tutees, for example.
and the point here is that *all* the
"professionalism" here (as always)
is *getting paid* and i'm worse than
a beginner at getting paid.

also a damn fine lecturer sometimes.
but a pisspoor assigner of grades.
i've gotten so bad at *this* that
i have to quit.

"i have to quit".
gee. when you put it like that
it almost feels like you're *not*
about to get a sinking feeling
that just *keeps* sinking.
as in, for about an hour just now
and no end in sight.

anyhow if you can handle *that*, try *this*:
i *want* to sell.

hint: you don't have to actually *believe* it.


Anonymous said...

Good poem, though.

Anonymous said...

thanks. i don't consider it verse, though.

still no end in sight.

Frank Plowden said...

Good poem, though.

Wilson said...

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