Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting The Word Out

Some recognition for Scott Jaschik (of IHE) by Vanessa of Computers, Language, and Writing, in The New Faculty Majority. The comments feature there is broken; I can't see the word that you're supposed to type in to prove you're a human.


Vanessa said...

hmmm... I'm just a guest so can't check or do anything about that glitch. I'll pass it onto Steve.

You can tell me here & now though.

I can't help thinking though that proving you're human should take more than typing in a word... a gom jabbar without consequences.

Vanessa said...

I checked - word verification works OK on Firefox but not IE

vlorbik said...

i've got safari here on my mac.
i'm pretty sure i've seen it work.
which is sort of strange since we've got
IE at work... essentially the only other place
i'm *likely* to've seen it.

my comment was to the effect that
thanks, vanessa, for spreading the word
about scott jaschik (premier journalist
of the whole contingent faculty beat),
with, if i recall correctly a PS to the effect
that don't just reread, pass it forward
(with proviso that in this case the reader
will have done as i've said, not as i've done).

i tried and failed at the commenting in NFM earlier
but have long (?) since lost track of whatever
i wanted to say there or what about. no big deal.
it's nice when stuff works...

setting up the widgets has gotten harder
at wordpress (or i've gotten worse at
fiddling such stuff out). i'm disgusted
but not surprised. blogger appears to be
somewhat easier to use but may be
in the process of breaking this. what fun.

okay, it *is* fun. it's real publishing,
and it's (almost) free. who am i to grumble.

vlorbik said...

as for testing for humanity
(& the "gom jabbar").
the way i figure, it's like "what is jazz?"...
if you have to *ask*, you ain't ever gonna know...
like these crazy entities always needing my ID...

(&'m reminded of the opening bit
in _blade_runner_ where they use
the "eyeball test" (as i call it)...
looking for an emotional response
from suspected replicants.

Vanessa said...

fun & free (or almost) - can't beat that with a stick as they say in East Texas. I forget to think of it as real publishing, but then what's real anyway?