Thursday, June 19, 2008

Now Without Italian Autonomixt Marxists

Bousquet's "Academic Labor Bookshelf" mentions your humble narrator. Also, if I guess rightly, this publications list by one Wayne Ross. But mostly, as its title suggests, it's a list of good old-fashioned offline books. I'd like to spend about a month alone in this guy's office.

Instant Update. This post on cataloging research appeared today in FACE Talk. Is this an end-of-academic-year thing or what?

I Just Tune It Out. Recent posts at On The Tenure Track, University Diaries, and Burnt Out Adjunct on the pernicious effects of new media on literacy. Is it ironic that BOA is itself badly marred by widgets making loading slow?

A Plague On Both Your Houses. "The Crossroads Of American Educational Politics" (at edwise): if you enjoy reading about the neverending debates about how (never whether) to push people around as much as I do, don't miss this thrilling episode of The Clueless Rich.

Who Guards The Guardians? A review of The Students Are Watching, by samjshah.

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