Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dream Machines

Bousquet's most recent post plugs COCAL VIII and is cross-posted here at the Chronicle's offshoot e-zine Brainstorm, where it's generated some interesting comments (having very little to do with the post itself ... but interesting just the same).

Well and good. Bousquet links (at his own page, but, weirdly, not in Brainstorm) to a short academic-labor bibliography by his co-brainstormer Mark Bauerlein. Who links in his turn to ... well, here my troubles begin. As of now, the article in question is here, and a fine piece is is too. But the Chronicle un-posts its stories after some few weeks and hides 'em behind a subscription wall. And this is too much of a concession to timeliness for my taste. I get ticked off when people post links to stories that require me even to "sign in" to something, never mind pay ... so I'm ethically bound not to post such pseudo-links myself (or, of course, to stop being ticked off ... but that's unlikely).

The really disgusting thing (also linked by Bauerlein) is this enormous list of Chronicle pieces on "Tenure and Labor Relations in Academe". Could somebody with some influence please tell these clods what the web is for? Surely they're not selling any subscriptions by limiting access to what ought to be their own best advertisement.

"THE STATE OF LITERARY THEORY: Why Today's Publishing World Is Reprising the Past"; Jeffrey J. Williams; June 13, 2008 (hey, that's tomorrow).

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