Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now With Interesting Trolls

"Adjunct professors need their own union", by Keith Hoeller, guesting in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer yesterday. Hoeller covers the adjunct beat better than anyone I know, regularly posting links to recent articles to the adj-l email list (as many as everybody else put together, easy... Keith Hoeller needs a blog...). He's also a real activist. (Many of us, and this emphatically includes me, are perfectly happy to do research but shun the essential political work.) His focus seems to be more in the legislative arena than organizing per se; indeed, he's sometimes perceived as "anti-union".

And here's "Cutting colleges' adjunct instructors not a wise move", by Jack Longmate (a couple weeks ago). If you get the idea that Washington (state) is about a gazillion years ahead of Ohio, go to the head of the class.

I haven't been reading adj-l much lately... it's begun to seem mostly like "blowing off steam" and it seems to me if we're going to do that, the least we can do is do it as publicly as we know how...

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